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ePipes' Partners
Fagerström Electronics - All the info you need on the Technopipes or Technochanter direct from the manufacturer.
Dunfion BagpipesHandcrafted bagpipes from the Isle of Arran including an online shop for all your other piping needs.
TradlessonsePipes' partner for iPad and iPhone bagpipe apps. Tradlessons also offer a fine range of other instrument apps including flutes, accordions and an amazing app which turns your iPad into a wireless chanter controller for Studio Piper.
CelticPipes - Bagpipe Music Notation Software for Windows and Mac.

Recommended Audio Software

Reaper - A complete software recording studio. Record your own album in no time!

Kong Audio - A range of sampled chinese instruments. The Mini Dizi, in particular, sounds great when played with the Technopipes.

The Virtual Organ Company - A range of digitally synthesised classical pipe organ modules.